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Ho Ho Wine bottle Hat and Scarf Set Pattern
Set of short Double Pointed Needles in Size 2
Thinner sport weight yarn in red
Thinner sport weight yarn in green
Large eyed tapestry needle
Hat Instructions
Cast on 30 stitches in green yarn
Split the stitches evenly between three of the DP needles and join the last stitch with the first stitch, being careful not to twist the stitches. Place a marker. You are going to make a brim of green and then switch to alternating red and green every two rows.
Row 1-7: Knit in green for 7 rows(30 stitches)
Row 8 and 9: Join red yarn and knit across ( carry green behind your work. (30 stitches)
Row 10and 11: Green row, knit to end(30 stitches)
Row 12and 13: Red row
Row 14: Green Row
*Decreasing begins now.
Row 15: Green row, decreasing row, *K2, K2 together, repeat across(23 stitches)
Row 16and 17: Red row, ,knit across (23 stitches)
Row 18and 19: Green row, knit across (23 stitches)
Row 20: Red row, knit across (23 stitches).
*Another decrease here:
Row 21: Red row, decreasing row, *Knit 1, *knit 2 tog, repeat across, ending with knit 2(16 stitches).
Row 22and 23: Green row, knit across (16 stitches).
Row 24: Red row, knit across (16 stitches)
*Another decrease here:
Row 25: Red row, decreasing row, * knit 2 tog., repeat across,(8 stitches).
Row 26: Green row, knit across.
*Decreasing and final row here:
Row 27: Green row, final row, * knit 1 , knit 2 tog three times, ending knit 1. ( 5 stitches).
Cut yarn, weave through remaining 5 stitches and pull tight. Knot and weave in end.
Wet a washcloth thoroughly with water. Place your hat on ironing board and place wet wash cloth over it. With hot iron, steam you little hat. This makes is nice and soft and lovely. You are now going to make the tassel for it.
Cut 15 pieces of yarn 5 inches long. Stack them together long ways, and tie a piece of yarn around the middle of them. Pull tight. Use this piece of yarn to attach your tassel to the end of your hat. Secure. Weave in ends. You decide how long you want your tassel. Cut to length. Comb the yarn apart if you want to make it full.
Scarf Instructions
You are going to create a scarf that matches the hat you just made. You will be changing the color of the yarn every two rows.
Cast on 8 stitches in red.
Row 1: Red, knit across
Row 2: Red, purl across
Row 3: Green, knit across
Row 4: Green, purl across
Row 5: Red, knit across
Row 6: Red, purl across
Row 7: Green, knit across
Row 8: Green, Purl across
Row 9: Red, knit across
Row 10: Red, purl across
Row 11: Green, knit across
Row 12: Green, purl across
Row 13: Red, knit across
Row 14: Red, purl across
Row 15: Green, knit across
Row 16: Green, purl across
Row 17- 88 Continue in this pattern.
Bind off all 8 stitches.
Using the same technique as the hat, steam your scarf.
You are now going to make the fringe on your scarf.
Cut 16 pieces of yarn 8” long.
These will be used to make your fringe.
You have 8 stitches on each end of your scarf. Each stitch will get a piece of yarn as a tassel.
Take one piece of yarn and fold in half. Thread the folded end into your large eyed needle. Push this yarn through the first stitch on the end of your scarf. Do not pull all the way through. Remove the needle. You will have a loop. Put the two ends on the other side of the yarn piece through the loop and pull. One fringe created! Repeat this so that each end of the scarf has 8 tassels.
You are all done! Dress your naked bottles

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